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Opening Night!
Opening Night!

April 2, 2018
“The Process” has been optioned! Excited to see it get filmed. More details as things progress!



Missionary Imposition
Drama – 30 pages
WGAW 1886885 © 2017

Logline: On the night of his marriage to the sister of a dictator, a missionary must negotiate between the president and the rebels who believe him to be an agent of the C.I.A.



Answers to FAQs
A. Yes, I really live in Costa Rica. I’ve lived their for 5 years and run a non-profit organization that assists orphanages and churches.

A. No, it’s not any easier writing in Costa Rica. Writing is hell.

A. Yes, you can visit me in Costa Rica and stay in my house. It’s the least I can do for you…(choose one) 1. buying my script; 2. optioning my script; 3. being my agent/manager/best friend