Missionary Imposition
Drama – 30 pages
WGAW 1886885 © 2017

Logline: On the night of his marriage to the sister of a dictator, a missionary must negotiate between the president and the rebels who believe him to be an agent of the C.I.A.


The Process (Optioned)
Horror | Comedy Short – 2 pages
WGAW 1624345 ©2012

Logline: An obsessed master describes his process.

Drama Short – 5 pages
WGAW 1684692 ©2013

Logline: A bullied teen wrestles with three different solutions to the pain he feels as an outcast.



Dark Comedy Short – 9 pages
WGAW 1625302 ©2013

Logline: When a hit man dressed as a priest visits a target in the hospital, their conversation focuses on his impending demise. But the target isn’t quite ready to go.

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