The Weeding
Drama – 101 pages
WGAW 1790662 ©2015

Logline: A recently widowed FBI agent discovers a conspiracy to rid society of its least desirable members; but her loyalties are tested when they execute the scum who killed her husband and son.

Script and synopsis available by contacting the author.

First World Problems
Comedic Drama – 90 pages
WGAW 1624238  ©2012

Logline: A self-absorbed celebutante and her wallflower friend face the elements, the natives, and life-and-death decisions when their plane crashes in the Brazilian jungle. Each must find her own way out, all while continuing to film their hit fashion web show.

Script and synopsis available by contacting the author.

La Mujer (The Woman)
Drama | Thriller – 110 pages
WGAW 1576938  ©2012

Logline: A reporter working a high-profile murder becomes the target of a drug cartel when his investigation leads him to a mysterious woman who frees people from their deepest pain.

Script, treatment, and synopsis available by contacting the author.